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About Project Community Connect

Scott-Carver Project Community Connect (PCC) provides a wide variety of services and hospitality to people in Scott and Carver counties who are struggling to meet basic needs. Based on a national model, this event provides services at one convenient location to those in our community who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

While homelessness may not be readily visible in our community, it does exist. The CAP Agency received 2,026 requests for housing assistance in 2014, and 465 of these requests (23 percent) were from people experiencing homelessness.download

PCC supports the area’s Plan to End Homelessness. PCC was developed in response to the Heading Home Scott-Carver Plan to End Homelessness, which was approved by the Carver County Board of Commissioners and the Scott County Board of Commissioners in 2010.

The PCC event reinforces the goal of raising awareness by engaging the community in supporting efforts to address the challenges of poverty and homelessness in the two-county region. It brings the Scott-Carver community together to find solutions and provide services for our neighbors in need.

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